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Connected DevicesDrawings, designs and drawings are essential tools for most of our daily lives. They’re part of our world, and they shouldn’t be only digital.With new interactive features, AutoCAD facilitates real-world applications of the digital design-workflows we’re already familiar with.For example, in the new AutoCAD 2023 we are expanding the ability to access files via the cloud by adding the option to download files directly from iCloud. We’re also adding the ability to import files from popular cloud storage providers such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.We’re continuing to improve usability by making it easier to connect to external sources such as MS Project, Excel and PowerPoint, and integrating with popular software such as Jira, Google Docs, Mailchimp, Slack and many more.How to experience AutoCAD 2023Learn more about what’s new in AutoCAD 2023For your convenience, we’re including an overview of the main new features in this blog post. Please also see the dedicated AutoCAD 2023 feature guide.An Interaction Layer for Connected DevicesInteraction Layer allows you to wirelessly connect devices to your drawings to interact with them.You can connect a pen, touch screen, phone, watch or even smart home appliances. You can even use a compatible wireless device as a mouse.Multi-Device Work AreaWith Multi-Device Work Area, you can split your drawings into different zones to work on.Each zone can use its own settings and resolutions. You can set individual coordinate systems (point of view and projection), line and block styles, colors, linetypes, etc.Note: Multi-Device Work Area is only available in AutoCAD. In addition, the Multi-Device Work Area experience is limited to two mobile devices and three work spaces.Cloud NetworkingYou can share drawings, and print files, and exchange files between devices.Using cloud networking, you can connect to cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Jira, Excel, PowerPoint and many more.For example, you can download a PDF from a cloud storage service and import it into your drawing.Access to FilesWith new features, AutoCAD will automatically 2be273e24d

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