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American Gun Smithing Institute endorses Infante gun cleaners

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Since 1993 American Gun Smithing Institute has been dedicated to developing the next generation of competent, professional gunsmiths. AGI provides engaging, comprehensive instruction by professionally recognized instructors to ensure each student explicitly understands the theory behind their discipline. AGI Programs of study are developed following rigorous academic and industry standards, offering numerous gun-smithing courses using a methodology designed with both experienced and novice students in mind.

American Gunsmithing Institute exists to provide firearm enthusiasts with the knowledge needed to keep their guns in safe and top-notch condition, maximizing their shooting experience and potential in a way that preserves the Gunsmithing art and ensures “that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”. Professional and Practical Gunsmithing, Welding, and Machine Shop including instruction in Lathe, Vertical Mill, and General Machine Shop are just a small example of programs offered by AGI. Their instructors are qualified and have years of experience in their fields using detailed step-by-step teaching methods to ensure students receive the maximum benefits of these courses.

Ultrasonic gun cleaning video
Gene Kelly | President of American Gunsmithing Institute
The Infante Ultra Sonic System is endorsed by the American Gunsmithing Institute. We love how thoroughly and efficiently it cleans firearms.

Infante ultrasonic gun cleaners save users time, money & energy which is one of the main reasons AGI teamed up with us. Not to mention the ability to sell gun cleaning services to potential customers with our ultrasonic gun cleaners is a perfect match for gunsmiths and businesses alike. Hand cleaning tools are based on those tools developed in the early 1700s and do not provide thorough cleansing or lubricating. We have revolutionized gun cleaning by employing ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic cleaning only requires the piece to be field-stripped, placed into the basket in the tank, and in minutes comes out much cleaner than having detail stripped and laboriously cleaned by hand!

For more information about American Gunsmithing Institute check out the link below to their website.

To discuss our systems and how they can help you, give us a call at 1-877-823-5410!

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