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The Firearm Industry's Best Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Infante is the manufacturer and designer of the original ultrasonic gun cleaner.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners


For over 40 years, Infante® continues to be involved in the firearm industry as an active gun dealer but has devoted the last 25 years to crafting the best ultrasonic gun cleaners and cleaning process on the market. Infante® invented ultrasonic gun cleaning in the early '90s and continues to be the only ultrasonic company in the world that specializes in firearm cleaning. Infante® works closely with the military, gun manufacturers, law enforcement, and the defense industry to create the safest and best performing ultrasonic gun cleaners and cleaning solutions.

The fastest and most effective way to clean your gun is with an Infante® ultrasonic gun cleaner. Infante® heated ultrasonic gun cleaners generate more sonic power than the competition and designed explicitly for firearm parts. Infante® uses patented tuned ultrasonic generators to produce the most efficient cleaning frequency set just for firearms and only uses durable and long-lasting components, including high-grade stainless steel tanks. Powerfully clean and lubricate your gun parts faster and better than any other cleaning system on the market with industry-leading ultrasonic technology. Deeply penetrate primer pockets for case cleaning as Infante® also offers a cleaning process for reloaders. Ultrasonically cleaned guns will greatly reduce weapon malfunctions and restore the gun back to factory new cleanliness. 

Fastest Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Process

Maximize your gun parts cleaning with our industry-leading ultrasonic gun cleaner!

Industry Leading Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

       Invented ultrasonic gun cleaning,          Patented Technology,

The original ultrasonic gun cleaner!

Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Support

The best ultrasonic gun cleaning customer support, contact an ultrasonic gun cleaner expert today!


Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemistry

Prop. 65 Compliant

Biodegradable ultrasonic gun cleaner solution - lubricants!

Most Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Value

The best performing and most reliable ultrasonic gun cleaner!

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners Worldwide

We supply the world with

the latest advancements in ultrasonic gun cleaner machines!

CMMG Inc. Safety Coordinator, Austin Miller

“Above all, the Infante Ultrasonics ultrasonic cleaners have far surpassed our durability expectations over the past two years. Notably, the customer service offered by Infante Ultrasonics stands out prominently, outshining the support of many other companies. Their expertise in firearms and the appropriate cleaning protocols is truly exceptional.”

Infante® Pro series ultrasonic gun cleaning tanks feature patented simultaneous dual-frequency ultrasonic generators. These sound waves generate microscopic cavitation bubbles which clean far superior to any other ultrasonic technology in the cleaning industry. The dual-frequency ultrasonic generators allow you to clean gun parts at the most exceptional level without harm to the parts by utilizing two different ultrasonic frequencies. High and low frequency sound waves have different benefits and combing the two produce an unrivaled cleaning technology not found in any other ultrasonic gun cleaning kit. Infante® sonic gun cleaners are built with high-quality stainless steel and industrial components that are built to last and work through the toughest gun cleaning tasks. Infante® manufactuers multiple chambered ultrasonic tanks for easier and more efficient gun cleaning whereas competitors use outdated ultrasonic technology with single tank designs that require a heavy lube pan accessory to be lifted on and off the tank every use. The single tank designs also limit the ability to clean and lubricate firearms at the same time resulting in a longer process. The Infante® Pro series ultrasonic gun cleaning line is the safest and fastest way to clean your firearms.

Infante® Shooter series ultrasonic gun cleaners are heavy-duty commercial grade ultrasonic systems scaled down from the Pro Series tanks. The Shooter series ultrasonic gun cleaning kits have increased power and heat over the competition, making them the fastest and easiest to use firearm cleaning systems in the market. Infante® uses the highest quality transducers, internal components, stainless steel tanks & baskets for longevity. Frequency tuned generators set specific to firearm cleaning to assure deep thorough cleansing of gun parts, restoring them to factory new cleanliness. Infante® supplies shooter’s with all non-hazardous, bio-degradable and eco-friendly detergents to eliminate exposure to harsh gun cleaning chemicals. Use the ultrasonic cleaner for case cleaning and get primer pockets cleaner than ever! Backed by the Infante® Performance Guarantee.

The Infante™ Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Performance Guarantee!

An ultrasonic gun cleaner should be easy to use, drastically reduce time spent cleaning guns and remove exposure to harsh cleaning solvents. All Infante® cleaning machines come with performance backed guarantee and two-year warranty, the best in the cleaning industry! Find out more about our ultrasonic cleaner for guns!

The American Gunsmithing Institute was established in 1993, by Gunsmiths, to preserve the Gunsmithing Arts and to teach the Design, Function and Repair philosophy and critical thinking skills required that enable an individual to become a Gunsmith and safely repair, maintain and customize firearms. American Gunsmithing Institute chose Infante Ultrasonics to supply their students with ultrasonic gun cleaners to clean firearms as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. The Infante gun cleaners also allow current and future gunsmiths to offer fast gun cleaning services as another profit center for their businesses. Contact us to learn more!  

How does an ultrasonic gun cleaner work?
People ask Infante a lot about how does a sonic gun cleaner work. Ultrasonic gun cleaning is a process that uses sound waves to agitate a fluid to clean your gun. Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean many different types of objects and industries served; Infante focuses solely on firearm cleaning. You can fill the ultrasonic tank with just water to see its cavitation bubbles, but for best results adding cleaning solvents enhances precision cleaning of gun parts. Infante® optimizes its ultrasonic transducer for maximum cavitation paired with proprietary cleaning solvents for a quality ultrasonic device. Ultrasonic power and a tank heater are two of the most important features when selecting an ultrasonic cleaner for guns. A specific ultrasonic gun cleaning and ultrasonic lubrication process is critical to preserve the life and functioanility of the firearm. Learn more about the Infante commercial ultrasonic cleaner and how to clean your gun best!
What is the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns?
The best sonic cleaners for guns is one that has enough tank heater & ultrasonic power for the most efficient ultrasonic cleaning and processing of gun parts. When selecting an ultrasonic cleaner you should choose one that has stainless steel mesh basket, tank and draining components for longevity and more demanding industries served. High quality ultrasonic internal components and ultrasonic transducers gives the ultrasonic device a better lifespan and return on your investment. Sonic cleaners typically just offer precision cleaning of gun parts but Infante offers both an ultrasonic gun cleaning and lubrication process. When using a gun parts cleaner, it completely strips lubricant off the firearm to clean to the surface. Non commercial ultrasonic cleaners do not have an ultrasonic lubrication process or proper tank sizes for efficiently cleaning and lubing the gun parts.
Are ultrasonic cleaners safe?
Ultrasonic cleaning with a dedicated gun parts cleaner is very safe when used properly. There are plenty of myths surrounding a ultrasonic cleaned gun but nearly every industry uses ultrasonic cleaners and routinely clean parts that are very small and delicate such as jewelry and computer electronics. Infante® offers the safest gun parts cleaner on the market with specific tank size, mesh basket and accessories all specific to gun cleaning. The ultrasonics are set to a specific frequency range to reduce cleaning times while safely cleaning firearms. Infante® cleaning detergents are safe on all gun parts, polymers, plastics & metals when used as directed. Infante® also offers an ultrasonic cleaning solution to reloaders where they can easily start cleaning brass and getting at hard to reach primer pockets. By efficiently cleaning brass and other cases you can rest assured your reloads will be more consistent and accurate.
What do you use in an ultrasonic cleaner?
To get a clean firearm you will want to use an ultrasonic cleaning solution that is specific to firearms. An ultrasonic cleaning machine requires liquid in the tanks that will target carbon, various gun fouling and contaminants. Infante® uses water-based cleaners which are the best choice over nasty, smelly, hazardous solvents because they are eco-friendly, safer for human use and the most economical, not to mention odorless! Cleaning times are drastically reduced when using the appropriate cleaning solutions compared to other cleaners on the market which is why it is so important to use a specialized system for the gun industry served. A true ultrasonic cleaning system for guns includes ultrasonic lubrication of the gun parts as the final stage. The same ultrasonic cleaning process is then used in a separate tank or lube pan accessory to force special ultrasonic lubricant into every nook and cranny of the firearm being cleaned.

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