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Spangdahlem Air Base chooses Infante

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A project at Spangdahlem Air Base spearheaded by Tech. Sgt. Kyle Deconnick brought in two Infante ultrasonic cleaning systems that use sound waves to strip away what elbow grease alone cannot. It’s expected to improve efficiency by 1,800% and reduce labor costs by some 95%. Before the failed inspection, 110 airmen had worked in 8-hour shifts for a month, but couldn't remove all the excess corrosion protectant, known as Cosmoline, caking the factory-new rifles. Any trace in hard-to-reach spots, like the iron sights, resulted in an automatic failure. The custom-made machines and cleaning solvent supplies are projected to save some 15,000 personnel hours by the time all the rifles have been cleaned once — about $945,000 in reduced labor costs.

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