Are ultrasonic cleaners safe?

Lowering gun parts into ultrasonic gun cleaner S40

Ultrasonic cleaning is very safe for gun parts when used with the proper equipment and gun cleaner solutions. Ultrasonic cleaners are used in nearly every industry and often clean parts that are very small and delicate such as jewelry and computer electronics parts. As long as you are using a proper dedicated ultrasonic gun cleaning machine with the correct gun cleaner solutions you will not have any issues. When you read articles or hear about people taking a guns finish off in an ultrasonic cleaner it is from misuse of the ultrasonic machine and not proven cleaning solutions. For example people tend to think the more time in an ultrasonic cleaner the better, well its quite the opposite. To get the most effect out of an ultrasonic cleaner you use short bursts of ultrasonic energy accompanied with some light brushing of the gun parts and passes through the barrel. If you leave a part in one of our ultrasonic cleaners for 20 minutes to an hour you will notice that not only is the part squeaky clean but you may see parts of the finish removed. The reason why this happens is that the ultrasonic looks for chips and cracks to get beneath and clean, so imperfections in a gun parts finish can lead to this but also after the surface is cleaned the ultrasonic energy will keep trying to clean that same spot over and over resulting in possible finish damage. This is why you take precaution when cleaning special finished firearms. Limit your cleaning durations, read the manual, use safe proven ultrasonic gun cleaning solutions, and contact Infante for any questions or concerns and you will never have any damage to your gun parts!

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