What is the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns?

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner S6 from the Shooter Series Gun Cleaning line

There are a lot of factors that come up when determining which ultrasonic cleaner is best for guns. The best ultrasonic gun cleaning machines should have powerful heat & ultrasonics, durable, long lasting components, and a fast process. Ultrasonic gun cleaning is not just merely having an ultrasonic cleaner, you have half the process because when you are done cleaning the gun parts now they need to be lubricated. If you do not have an ultrasonic lubing mechanism then you will have to manually lube each individual gun part back to its proper specifications as instructed by the gun manufacturer. With that being said the best ultrasonic gun cleaners have both a ultrasonic cleaning & gun lubricating process. This assures after you clean and rinse your gun parts ultrasonically that you use the same ultrasonic energy to force lubricant back into every crevice and pore of the gun parts. Doing that by hand would just waste more time and be far more tedious and painstaking for a large volume of gun parts.

Heat is a big factor in ultrasonic gun cleaners because without heat you have poorer gun cleaning results. Ultrasonic cleaners with less heat and cheap heating elements cause you to either wait a long time for the liquid in the ultrasonic tank to heat up or for the heating elements to routinely fail and burn out. Replacing heaters are annoying and take time away from using the machine until it is fixed. Infante only uses high grade industrial heaters for long life span and fast heat up time.

Ultrasonic power is the single most important part of any ultrasonic cleaning machine, without enough transducers and more importantly the type and quality of transducer you will have a far under performing ultrasonic gun cleaner that will either require a lot of additional manual hand gun cleaning or time. Infante only uses stainless steel industrial grade transducers not cheap ceramic wafer transducers that are very thin, brittle and crack easily. The ceramic wafer transducers are present on lower end models that have limited life time and for very minor cleaning results. The wafer transducers simply cannot compare to the benefits and performance of an industrial stack transducer for gun cleaning. Gun cleaning requires alot of power to knock off all the debris, and the more power gives you better cleaning results where it counts most on the inside of the firearm.

The design of an ultrasonic tank is another huge factor of an ultrasonic gun cleaner. Companies that sell ultrasonic gun cleaners with plastic housings & drain components typically follow with ceramic wafer transducers and other low life span internal components. The drain systems routinely crack and break causing liquid to leak over the internal electronic components such as the printed circuit board or heating element. On industrial ultrasonic gun cleaners you have all stainless steel drain systems for maximum longevity. The housing itself also absorbs part of the ultrasonic energy due to the nature of plastic interference with ultrasonics, which is why industrial cleaners use stainless steel surrounds.

In the end the best ultrasonic gun cleaner is one that has enough heat & power for proper and fast ultrasonic cleaning of gun parts, has stainless steel ultrasonic tank design and draining components for longevity and performance, high grade internal components and industrial transducers for a long lifespan of cleaning gun parts, has both an ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication process for proper & safety gun use with an ultrasonic cleaner, and safely cleans your gun parts while not exposing you to harsh chemicals & solvents for a better cleaning environment. Infante incorporates all of these ultrasonic gun cleaning features into his gun cleaning line but continues to innovate and perfect the technology whereas others focus on other cleaning markets or have not put enough time into designing the machines properly around firearms. Infante has been designing and manufacturing ultrasonic gun cleaners for over 25 years and is the only company in the world that solely specializes in ultrasonic gun cleaning.

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