How does ultrasonic gun cleaning work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasounds to agitate a fluid. You can fill the ultrasonic tank with just water to see its effects, but use of a solvent appropriate for gun cleaning enhances the cleaning action. With our powerful ultrasonic gun cleaning systems you can expect great cleaning results between three and five minutes. Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean many different types of objects, Infante focuses solely on the gun cleaning application. They are used across the world in various militaries, state and federal governments, gun manufacturers and commercial gun businesses, and now the individual shooter!

Ultrasonic cleaning solution being agitated by ultrasound

Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasonic energy to create cavitation which are microscopic liquid bubbles induced by high frequency pressure waves to create tiny water jets that result in agitating the liquid. The power of the agitation cleans contaminants sticking to the surface of gun parts. The ultrasonic cleaning action penetrates guns holes, cracks, and recesses to clean a simple field stripped firearm far greater and in a drastically reduced time than it takes to detail strip and clean a gun by hand. The purpose of an ultrasonic gun cleaner is to thoroughly clean all traces of contamination stubbornly adhering onto solid surfaces of a firearm. The Infante ultrasonic gun cleaning line consists of water based, non-hazardous and eco-friendly gun cleaning concentrate and ultrasonic gun lubricant.

Gun parts after an ultrasonic clean & gun lubricant

In an ultrasonic gun cleaner you have a device called a transducer that generates the actual ultrasound built underneath the diaphragm of the tank. The transducers at a certain frequency (typically 40khz) creates compression waves in the gun cleaning solution of the tank which rip the liquid apart, creating cavitation. The explosions are so microscopic that it simply cleans and removes gun contaminants without harm to the firearms finish or components. The higher the frequency results in tighter cavitation points, which allows for gun cleaning at a finer level. Our Pro Series gun cleaning systems have patened dual frequency ultrasonics which uses a higher frequency for deeper penetration in gun cleaning and a lower frequency to give brute force blast of energy to knock out the gun debris.

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