Sonic Lube

Infante's Sonic Lube is a highly engineered formulation specifically designed for use in the ultrasonic tank for water displacement and parts protection for firearms and other metal parts. It is used at full strength after the water-based ultrasonic cleaning process, insuring that the parts are moisture free and protected. The low surface tension and viscosity of Sonic Lube allows it to penetrate firearm parts using ultrasonic energy to emulsify water and evaporate it out of the solution, leaving a factory new protective coating on the parts. The advanced formulation allows for maximum cavitation and performance in an ultrasonic tank where other competitor lubricants are too thick to accept the ultrasonic energy. 


Sonic Lube is safe on all parts, polymers, plastics & metals when used as directed.


  • Discounted pricing available for law enforcement, military, and federal firearm licensees
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Sonic Lube

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