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*If you are interested in purchasing the P60 or want more information about the system, please use our contact form or call 1-877-823-5410 to discuss. All Pro Series systems are available for purchase but have lead times.*


The only ultrasonic gun cleaner in the world with patented dual-frequency, which cleans more efficiently using less power! The high frequency has more brute force cleaning action as the lower frequency penetrates the innermost parts of the firearm to clean it thoroughly. The front chamber is for cleaning and the rear chamber is for lubrication or can be used as a clean & rinse system. This is the ultimate line of defense in firearm cleaning for the most serious end users!


For general weapon maintenance, the system is used as a clean & lube tank. If parts need to be cleaned prior to refinishing or if a special lubricant is required on the parts, the rear tank can be set up as a heated overflow rinse tank, leaving the parts microscopically clean with no residue and ready for various coatings and lubricants.


  • Pictured with an optional rolling work stand 
  • Optional Filtration System Available
  • Discounted pricing available for law enforcement, military, and federal firearm licensees
  • Contact for more information on ordering or learning more about the P60 & our other systems!


    • 2 HD Suspension parts baskets with drain position capability
    • Two tank covers
    • 2 gallons of  Sonic Tonic, ultrasonic cleaning concentrate
    • 8 gallons of  Sonic Lube, ultrasonic lubricant
    • Includes detailed process & procedure user manual
  • Inside Tank Dimensions

    • 39.5"L x 7"W x 8"D

    Tank Fluid Capacity

    • 8 gallons ( 2 chambers)


    Power Requirements

    • 120V One 15 Amp plug, One 8 Amp plug


    Additional Features

    • 12 hour heater timer prevents heater burnout
    • Tank bottom sweep baffle and ports for optional filtration system
    • ¼” compressed air line fitting
    • Rear tank heat On & Off switch
    • Covered by the Infante Performance Guarantee
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