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Infante's Sonic Tonic Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate is a powerful carbon and particulate remover, formulated specifically for the cleaning of firearms in ultrasonic cleaners. Advanced chelating agents and next generation surfactants quickly attack the molecular "cement", by which soil attaches itself to the firearm surface, removing the contaminants from the surface and allows free rinsing for zero residue cleaning. Hydrotropic and wetting properties allow the Sonic Tonic to migrate into difficult crevices and other inaccessible areas to effectively clean precision components.


Sonic Tonic is compatible with most surfaces that can tolerate water including but not limited to aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon fiber, copper, graphite, stainless, plastics, composites, hard rubbers, and ceramics. Biodegradeable formulation that does not contain NP9, Caustics, phosphates and other EPA watch list components. Over 500 gun cleanings in a single gallon!


  • Discounted pricing available for law enforcement, military, and federal firearm licensees
  • Contact to learn more about our ultrasonic cleaners & lubricants

Sonic Tonic

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