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*If you are interested in purchasing the P200 or want more information about the system, please use our contact form or call 1-877-823-5410 to discuss. All Pro Series systems are available for purchase but have lead times.*


Infante is proud to present the latest addition to their arsenal for the most serious weapon cleaning requirements, the P200!  Designed to easily handle the weight of two field stripped M2 .50 cal. machine guns, other similar sized weapon loads, or a quantity of firearms. It can be set up as a clean & rinse or clean & lube system depending on requirements.  The P200 is also customized to your specific job or task to get the best cleaning results! See whats included and our technical specifications for more information!


  • Discounted pricing available for law enforcement, military, and federal firearm licensees
  • Contact for more information on ordering or learning more about the P200 & our other systems!


    • Includes 1 HD Suspension basket
    • Programmable touch screen control with pedestal
    • Integrated filtration system with water fill ports
    • Compressed air blow gun
    • Overflow rinse plumbing
    • Rolling support frame
    • Includes detailed process & procedure user manual


  • Inside Tank Dimensions

    • 52"L x 14"W x 12.75"D

    Tank Fluid Capacity

    • 40 gallons ( 2 chambers)


    Power Requirements

    • 208V 3 Phase 32 amps (other voltages available)


    Additional Features

    • Integrated loading and unloading station that also serves as a blow off station
    • Semi-automatic programmable pneumatic lift (for up to 200 lb. loads) and Agitation for the fastest & most effective cleaning process
    • Manually operated precision guided gantry system
    • Covered by the Infante Performance Guarantee
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