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What do you use in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Ultrasonic gun cleaning and ultrasonic gun lubricant agitation
Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Chamber next to Ultrasonic Gun Lubricant Chamber in Infante S40

In any ultrasonic cleaner you will want to use a proven specific cleaning solution tailored for the particular part that needs to be cleaned. For gun cleaning you want to use a more aggressive cleaner that will go after carbon and various gun fouling effectively. Water based cleaners are the best choice over nasty hazardous solvents because it is far more eco-friendly, safer for human use and is very economical. You need to be careful with very harsh solvents because it could also start to erode away at the ultrasonic tank itself, especially on tanks without stainless steel construction and drain components / seals that can't handle the solution. Ultrasonic gun cleaning solutions that are used full strength are very expensive over time and have very little yield. The other issue with using a cleaner full strength is the amount of debris and contaminants that come off the gun and reside in the tank and solution over time can get really nasty so you will have to constantly strain it to get the most use out of all the money spent. The other advantages of water based cleaners is there ability to cavitate well or accept the ultrasonic energy. Thick heavy liquids do not drive well with ultrasonic cleaners resulting in poor performance and gun cleaning ability. Which leads to ultrasonic gun lubricant.

Part of the ultrasonic gun cleaning process is also the ultrasonic gun lubing procedure. Ultrasonic lubricant is another solution used in true ultrasonic gun cleaner machines that uses the ultrasonic energy to force lubricant into every nook and cranny in the gun parts. It is a crucial part in ultrasonic gun cleaning that assures proper ultrasonic care lubrication of a gun part.

Some ultrasonic cleaning companies still offer gun cleaner solutions that are highly hazardous, require numerous articles of personal equipment protection and are continuously flagged for respiratory issues if inhaled. Ultrasonic cleaners were meant to take hand exposure of harsh cleaning agents away, which they do but the harsh solvents used in some applications can lead to serious health issues. Infante only supplies non-hazardous and eco-friendly ultrasonic gun cleaner solutions and gun lubricants that are even Proposition 65 compliant which have been tested on millions of guns. Our industry leading ultrasonic gun cleaning solutions can yield roughly 600 guns 1 gallon of Sonic Tonic! That is roughly 10 cents a gun! Call or email us for any questions, comments or concerns about any solution you want to use or thinking of using in an ultrasonic cleaner!

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