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Infante Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Cleaning guns with an ultrasonic gun cleaner has numerous benefits that we are going to explore throughout this blog.

ultrasonic gun cleaner
Sonic Gun Cleaning

Cleaning gun parts in our S40 ultrasonic gun cleaner above shows you the standard operation when cleaning guns. The rear chamber follows ultrasonic gun cleaning, in which the same sonic cleaning energy that cleaned your gun parts will now force lubricant into every pore of the gun. Our ultrasonic cleaner & lubricant is not only environmentally friendly and non-hazardous, but it is so clean that it is Prop. 65 compliant! We take gun cleaning safety very seriously and there is a lot of solvent cleaning products in the gun industry that is very harmful if not fatal. Please read any SDS sheets when comparing gun cleaning solutions to ours and email any questions or concerns! We are always happy to assist anyone with their ultrasonic gun cleaners!

Ultrasonic gun cleaners in the United States.

Ultrasonic gun cleaning is that even safe? Did you know that majority of the firearms you own and shoot were ultrasonically cleaned at the factory? We sell our ultrasonic gun cleaning systems not to just the military, state & federal law enforcement but to gun manufacturers that use ultrasonic gun cleaning as part of their cleaning step to produce a finer clean on their gun parts prior to shipping to a customer or prior to coating applications. Cleaning guns is a tedious task for people cleaning a high volume of guns. Even to the individual cleaning guns after going to the range can take a lot of time out of other things they wish to do. We have solved this gun cleaning problem by offering a faster, better and safer solution to cleaning guns than by hand. You can clean just a field stripped gun in a few minutes with our industry leading ultrasonic gun cleaners. Stay tuned for more information on gun cleaning tips, the best ways to use an ultrasonic gun cleaner, and some cool firearm content. As mentioned before, we have been a licensed firearm dealer since 1978 and continue to hold our class 3 & 07 licenses. We are avid shooters, collectors, and firearm enthusiasts that's sole focus is to help our customers solve their gun cleaning problems, increase consumer awareness of safe ultrasonic & gun cleaning safety and dramatically reduce hand cleaning detail stripped gun parts!

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